$99 a Month Dental Implants Improving Your Health, Smile, & Confidence Has Never Been Better with Affordable Dental Implants!

$99 a Month Dental Implants Improving Your Health, Smile, & Confidence Has Never Been Better with Affordable Dental Implants!
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Are Your Missing Teeth Causing You to Lose Confidence?....

Are Failed Bridges and Problematic Dentures Frustrating you?

Do the Costs of Dental Implants and Fear of the Dentist Stop You From Making the Right Decisions?

Change Your Life Today and Learn How You CAN Improve Your Health, Smile, and Confidence Painlessly and Affordably With Our Free Dental Implant Informtaion Website, FREE Dental Implant Guide, FREE Dental Implant Reports, Free Dental Implant DVD's and More!.

You CAN Have a Perfect Natural Smile In this Economy and Today You will Learn All About Affordable Dental Implants!

Reason to Choose Our Office
Dental Implant Office Picture 1
  • Clean/Ultra-Modern Dental Spa Environment.
  • World Class Cosmetic and Dental Spa Specialists.
  • Our Patient Wait Time is 50-70% Less Then the National Average.
  • We do Complete Dentistry (In Most Cases) In One Day.
Dental Implants Office 2
  • We Offer Convenient Appointment Times Including Evenings and Weekends.
  • Our Patient Satisfaction Rate for Veneers, Implants, and Dentures are 95% +
  • Complete Dental Treatment Including Tooth Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry in One Location.
  • More then 60% Of our Patients are Referred by Our Satisfied and Appreciative Patients.
Dental Implants office 3
  • We offer 2,5, and 10 Year Warranties on Restorations, Veneers, Dentures, and Implants *See office for details.
  • Flexible Payment Plans and Free Education before Start of Any Treatment.
  • With assistance from Intra-Oral Cameras, Digital X-Rays, Valuable Articles, and Videos, We Work With You to Educate You So You Make Your Own Dental Treatment Decision With the Highest Confidence.

But Thats Only The Beginning .....Even More Reasons Why!

  • Practically Pain Free Dental Care
  • Affordable Dentistry For The Entire Family
  • Raising Cavity Free Kids Program
  • Guilt-FREE Dental Office
  • Immediate Emergency Service With 24 Hour Doctor Contact
  • Headphones and watch DVD’s while you get care!
  • Drill Free Dental Care: We use lasers to eliminate cavities! *
  • No Needles Needed*
  • Complementry Refreshments, Gourmet Coffee, & Juice with Every Visit!
  • FREE Massages For Each New Patient!
  • FREE Paraffin Hand Wax To All Patients

    *In Most Cases

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Benefits of Dental Implants

Are you having problems with your frustrating, old, and ill-fitting dentures? Are you unable to eat and enjoy the food you love? Learn How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Life In More Then One Way!

Dental Implants are The Most Advanced Therapy Available to Replace Missing Teeth. Dental Implant Restorations Generally Look, Feel and Act Like Natural Teeth! Read Below About All The Advantages of Dental Implants!

Kathleen AfterKathleen Before

Prevents Bone Loss With Dental Implants— By preventing bone reabsorption that would normally occur with the loss of teeth, the facial structure remains intact. This is especially important when all of the teeth are missing, because the lower one-third of the face collapses if implants are not placed to preserve the bone.

Overall quality of life is enhanced with replacement teeth that look, feel and function more like natural teeth. You will look younger and more attractive which allows you to be even more confident and enjoy smiling, laughing, and talking with others.

You can now live longer, because you’ll be able to eat better and prevent malnutrition or stomach problems! Fresh Vegetables and fruits are back on the menu! You can now eat the foods you like. Also, since your chewing will be improved, your digestion will be even better as well!

Increases the amount of enjoyment you get out of eating! Creates more confidence in social situations. Most of our patients love their new implants, because of their improved appearance, function, comfort and

Allows You To Relax and not worry about your dentures moving around, popping out, or gagging you. You’ll never worry about your dentures flying out when you laugh, sneeze, cough, or when you eat. Implants are so securely attached that the fear of them falling out will be eliminated.

Your mouth will be restored as closely as possible to its natural state. By replacing the entire tooth, as well as the tooth root, it is possible to replicate the function of natural teeth, with a strong, stable foundation that allows comfortable biting and chewing. Also, nothing in the mouth looks or feels false or artificial!

You will be able to taste foods better. Wearing an upper denture can prevent someone from really tasting food because the roof of the mouth is covered. With implant supported replacement teeth, it is not necessary to cover the roof of the mouth, so it is possible to enjoy the taste of foods.

Eliminate Denture Adhesives FOREVER! There is no need for messy denture adhesives because implants are attached to the bone.

Missing Teeth replaced with Implants will not affect your other teeth. Replacing missing teeth with implant supported crowns and bridges do not involve, compromise or damage the adjacent natural, healthy teeth as other methods do. For example, when you wear a partial denture, you have clamps that hook onto adjacent teeth, which put pressure on them that causes them to loosen and come out. And bridges require grinding down the adjacent teeth so that the bridge can be cemented onto them. This tooth structure can never be replaced and the long-term health of these teeth are compromised


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Single Tooth Dental Implant Replacement

multiple tooth implant replacement picture before and after

Dental Implants Bridge

Implant supported bridge before and after

Dental Implants Before and After #1

Before and After 3

Dental Implants Before and After #2

before and after image 4

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Hear What Others Are Saying!

Testimonial #1

My experience has been extremely positive. Everyone is professional yet friendly and very kind.

I had some bad dental experiences as a child and as a result I was very nervous about dental implants pain. Dr. Patel was very patient with me and always made sure I was comfortable.

My teeth look beautiful. I previously hated having my picture taken. I now have a whole new level of confidence about myself thanks to Dr. Patel.

Words cannot express how I feel about my entire experience with Dr. Patel. I would like to thank everyone who made this experience such a pleasant one. Thank you all very much!


Testimonial #2

Last month Dr.Patel placed a single tooth dental implant and while this procedure was being done, to my surprise, I didn’t experience any pain at all.

My gums are still healing and I and now the hard part is over I am looking forward to the rest of the procedure without any more worries. I was worried about dental implant


Testimonial #3

My experience with Dr.Patel has been a good one. When I first met with Dr.Patel to inquire about Implants I was treated with respect and courtesy. Various options for correcting my dental problems were offered to me and after thorough explanation and research on the dental implants pros and cons and other local dental implant clinics I was ready to move forward with Dr. Patel and the procedure. Thanks to Dr. Patel and their fantastic payment options, they made my worries about the cost of dental implants dissapear and made my dental implants financing affordable.

The treatment plan from extraction the entire process took very few sessions, all which were free of pain. I have been very happy with my dental implant and I have experienced absolutely no dental implants problems. It serves its purpose well and has solved many of my previous problems.

I would recommend Dr. Patel to anyone interested in superior dental services.

- Ronald

Testimonial #4

My experience with Dr. Patel is one of the best. He is very thorough and professional. I have had other dentists with horrible painful experiences, however, with Dr.Patel everything has been pain free and fast.

Dr. Patel catered to and understood my low tolerance for pain and Dr. Patel was very calming and put my mind at ease.


Testimonial #5

I would like to take a moment of your time, to thank you and your assistant for the great work that you did on my dental implants bridge.

I have to admit I was very apprehensive at first. However because of the kindness and great care that you and your assistant showed me I was very relaxed thru out most all of the surgery.

I had very little discomfort during and after the surgery. My implant and bridge still feel very good. I feel this is a fantastic way to replace your permanent teeth.

I hope I never loose any more teeth, but if I do I would not hesitate to have this done again.

I also would like to share with you that my periodontist feels that the tissue around the implant and bridge looks very good and healthy. Thanks again for a job well done.



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